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Michigan State Offers Michigan Unemployment Benefits

11th March 2011
One of the prime concerns of Michigan state administrators is Michigan unemployment. Multiple measures have been undertaken to improve the job prospects of residents. Finding yourself without a job can be a nightmare and this is a possibility even in the ...
Author: Lucy

Health Care Reform Bill Summary

10th February 2011
Immediately after what looks like permanently, Congress has last but not least handed a health care reform bill. The query is, although, what is in this bill? What true changes will folks practical experience as a result of all this wrangling? Or are thes...
Author: Kirkland Jenkins

Health Insurance after Divorce in RI

24th February 2010
Rhode Island Has enacted the Rhode Island Health Insurance Continuation act. This act allows a person to remain on their ex-husband or ex-wives health Insurance after Final Judgment of Divorce. Unfortunately, this act has been watered down by recent c...
Author: David Slepkow, Rhode Island Lawyer
Employment Law

Discrimination Against Pregnant Employees

03rd February 2010
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) is a law that prohibits all employers from discriminating pregnant employers or applicants. AS long as the employee is able to perform the requested tasks she is to be considered equal to all other employees in that...
Author: SmithSEO