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Business Law

What To Know About An LLC Corporation Concepts

23rd November 2009
What to know about an LLC corporation concepts becomes particularly important when establishing a business or when preparing to convert of business over from a sole proprietorship or some other entity. There are benefits to either limited liability compan...
Author: FrankRod

Tips for Preparing Your Taxes

12th November 2009
There are many steps to take if you are filing your own taxes. Make sure you follow all these steps to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly. Be Organized The process of being organized isn't supposed to start when you start filing your taxes. It s...
Author: W. Connor Brown

Expat Taxes filing and offshore assets reporting requirements

03rd August 2009
Income from Abroad is Taxable If you are an American working and living outside your country, then there are few things you should know about Expat taxes. Many United States Expats and resident aliens receive income from foreign sources. If you are ...
Author: USIndiaTax

Tax Benefits for Job Seekers

19th July 2009
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2009-01 Tax Tip: Many taxpayers spend time during the summer months polishing their résumé and attending career fairs. If you are searching for a job this summer, you may be able to deduct some of your expenses on your tax r...
Author: kinal

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning - Importance of Controlling Your Income Small Business Owners & the

18th June 2009
The degree of control that small business owners and the self-employed have over the timing is much greater than that of employees, and also depends on the structure of their businesses. For example, if a person is small business owner, and thus self-empl...
Author: kinal

Alternative Minimum Tax Planning - Importance of Differing Types of Income

13th June 2009
As noted in the last article, the tax brackets that apply to capital gains and dividends are completely different from the tax brackets that apply to ordinary income . By definition, all income other than capital gains and dividends is called ordinary inc...
Author: kinal

File Taxes Online

16th April 2009
Prepare Online Taxes is a very simple process for US Tax Payers. Online Taxes preparation is a great option for preparation of taxes. Typically, taxpayer's personal information will needed first. Then user will be creating one account. This will allow y...
Author: preparetax

How To Decide Whether to Standardize or Itemize Your Tax Deductions?

15th April 2009
Doing your taxes is time-consuming. There are a variety of choices on how to proceed. Taxes can be done online, or using a proprietary software package. Some taxpayers still use the old-fashioned method of pen and paper. Others prefer to hand the whole pr...
Author: Ron Finkelstein

Because the IRS Doesn't Like Slackers - Ten Ways to Beat Small Business Tax Procrastination

27th March 2009
Preparing taxes seems complicated but this guide to tax deductions will go a long way in clearing a lot of confusion and putting things in perspective. So if you are among those who procrastinate endlessly to prepare a tax return for your small business, ...
Author: Ron Finkelstein

IRS Non-Filer? Don't Go to Jail! Here's What to Do:

12th April 2007
Results of Failing to File Your IRS Returns. If you have late tax returns, you face several possible bad consequences: ' Penalties. If taxes are owed, a delay in filing may result in penalty and interest charges that could increase your tax bill by 25 ...
Author: David Jacquot
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