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Business Law

How to Monitor and Protect Your Reputation Online

04th February 2011
Protecting your reputation online against attacks is important, if you don’t you will wake up one day with a rip off report posted on the internet. To remove rip off reports is very difficult. Allowing just anyone to say anything about your business on th...
Author: repairimagenow
Bankruptcy Law

What are the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debt Limits

20th January 2011
The bankruptcy law reads that one can only file for chapter 13 bankruptcy protection if their total debt falls below the defined debt limits. Before I get distracted, let me give you the information you came for: the Arizona chapter 13 bankruptcy debt ...
Author: Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer
Employment Law

Workplace Violence in the Health Sector - An Administrator's Greatest Concern

13th April 2010
Of all the myths, false beliefs, and misinformation that's bandied around about workplace violence in the health sector and violence in the workplace in general, there is one that is causing more harm than good. I've found that, by and large, the greate...
Author: Jeffrey M. Miller

Income Tax after a Short Sale?

22nd December 2009
I could not afford the rental property I purchased when I was making more money and was advised to short sell the property, after I short sold the property I received a 1099 from the lender and had to include the amount I was forgiven as income on my 2008...
Author: Shopshop
Medical Malpractice

Vital Points You Need To Know When Considering Medical Malpractice Attorney

22nd December 2009
Are You Looking For Medical Malpractice Attorney? We are all human and we are bound to be ‘confused' by the enormous claims of several medical malpractice attorneys on the media. There are lots of advertisements on how a good number of medical malpra...
Author: Ima Johnson