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Business Law

Scope of wedding management software in India, five years down the line

09th July 2012
In India, neither the metropolitan cities nor the towns are backward. The notion that the citizens of this superb country are growing intellectually, culturally, and financially with every passing day to come shoulder to shoulder with their Western counte...
Author: james davis
Business Law

Get an easier and effective way of product and service promotion through Coupons codes.

05th April 2011
Creativity is the mother of all inventions. In a continuous effort of making things creative and attractive people go beyond the imaginations to reach their products and services to the right customers. Merchandising things days have a very different scen...
Author: couponconnection
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Should I File a Patent Applicaiton

08th December 2010
Should I file a patent application online for my invention?To all the inventors out there just like me. This is something that only you can decide for yourself. Don't let other inventors or a bunch of forums filled with bad advice tell you this or that....
Author: Frank Chen
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Know how to determine patentability

22nd November 2010
Protecting intellectual property from unauthorized copy and use is one of the first considerations for an inventor/creator. If it is a new invention, i.e. it belongs to scientific or technical domain, the inventor has to acquire a patent for this. This pr...
Author: Daniel Smith
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19th November 2010
Innovation helps us all. Your hard earned invention can help millions of people live better lives or function and operate easier. Whether it is a Medical Device Invention or some other form of business, personal, or lifestyle invention you want to ma...
Author: TomJacobsen
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Basics of Copyright Law

16th August 2010
Copyright means the right to copy. Copyright law protects intellectual property. It ensures that no one other than the creator himself can copy a unique work he has created. The original work of an author is safeguarded by copyright law. These works may i...
Author: craig23
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Know the right way to choose a good patent lawyer

14th July 2010
Every invention or idea of invention is the property of the inventor. Ethically it belongs to him/her. However, it is essential to obtain legal rights on it as well. This is to ensure that your invention is protected from unauthorized use. This protection...
Author: craig23