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HSBC Offshore Account Holders Likely Target of Continuing IRS Investigations

04th July 2011
New Jersey Tax Attorneys of The Thorn Law Group are emerging as leaders in offering legal representation for U.S. taxpayers who, in many cases unwittingly, invested in undisclosed offshore bank accounts. Potential prosecution of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking...
Author: Jerselaw

Choosing A Divorce Lawyer With Expertise in Local Requirements and Regulations

14th June 2011
Divorce is a difficult decision to make for any couple no matter what the circumstances may be. Divorce lawyers do not always make it any easier because their purpose is to take care of their client. However, it is also important to understand the importa...
Author: Christy


22nd February 2011
When the debt man cometh, he is indiscriminate and will seek to collect various types of liabilities. For some, these liabilities may include an unpaid IRS tax debt. As bankruptcy looms on your financial horizon, you might have already experienced enforce...
Author: Alena Smith
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Should I File a Patent Applicaiton

08th December 2010
Should I file a patent application online for my invention?To all the inventors out there just like me. This is something that only you can decide for yourself. Don't let other inventors or a bunch of forums filled with bad advice tell you this or that....
Author: Frank Chen

Obtain an IRS penalty abatement

29th June 2010
IRS TAX RELIEF: OBTAIN AN IRS PENALTY ABATEMENTPenalties are supposedly IRS' way to teach every tax payer a lesson for not being able to pay their taxes on time but it turns out that penalty overdid its purpose. It has been a major burden on the taxpayers...
Author: Carmelo Buchanan