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Business Law

Facts involved in Small business funding through business grants.

14th March 2011
“You need to spend money to make money holds.” This old saying gets true when you are on the verge of starting a business. Apart from the capital investment you make, your business portfolio involves the operational expenses too, this calls for the fi...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Business Law

Macro Business Capital: Providing solution for your business funding.

27th January 2011
Starting a business is a gigantic risk. The result may either be boon or bane. But it would be encouraging to know that those who have tasted success were the ones who were not afraid and took the necessary risks. Running a business takes money, and unfor...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Internet Law

10 Things every Internet Marketing person should know about their business

16th December 2010
Arizona Internet Marketing Lawyer 1) Make sure you have a written business plan that outlines your goals, timeframe, funding sources, contingency plans, whether Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising is based on click, impression, or sale. 2) Form a Limi...
Author: Aaron Kelly

Disability Laws: Protecting the Rights of Disabled Individuals

25th September 2008
People with disability are protected by both state and federal laws. In the state of California, there are existing states and federal laws that help ensure protection of the rights of people with disabilities. This article will discuss some of these laws...
Author: Mesriani Law Group