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Business Law

Excerpts of a Louisville Dentist on bad breath problem

17th June 2011
A bad breath is the most embarrassing thing to come across, although it is very common to find in anybody. There are various reasons that lay the foundation of bad odor that is also known as Halitosis. People use various tips to get rid of it but all in v...
Author: yourtucsondentist
Personal Injury

People are Dying from their Dentures So Glaxo Comes to Grips with Zinc

08th April 2010
If you wear dentures or you know someone who does then you might be shocked to learn that you could die from excessive use of denture adhesive creams. Denture adhesive creams are over the counter products that people apply to their dentures before puttin...
Author: Wendy Moyer
Medical Malpractice

Is PolyGrip Safe To Use?

17th March 2010
Have you use denture adhesive cream for some time? There are many lawsuits filed against its maker, GlaxoSmithKline. The PoliGrip can damage the nerves. It also causes nerve damages. They are unable to walk. Their hands cannot hold objects. Discover the d...
Author: Rudy Silva
Personal Injury

Are You Using PolyGrip Denture Cream?

16th March 2010
The PoliGrip lawyers are busy handling the lawsuit filed by consumers against the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for the severe damages caused by prolonged use of Super PoliGrip, a denture cream.Following the reports of health complications associ...
Author: Rudy Silva
Personal Injury

Are You Seeing Zinc Overdose With PolyGrip?

15th March 2010
Do you know someone who uses Denture Adhesive cream? GlaxoSmithKline has a product that causes health dangers. PolyGrip is causing nerve damage in some consumers. The culprit is metal zinc. Zinc gets into your blood through the gums. But there is a way to...
Author: Rudy Silva