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Immigration Law

Possibilities Higher For Better Life in Canada after Immigration

20th July 2011
With Immigration being at an all time high to nations like Canada, Singapore, the UK, the US and Australia, focus has shifted on the overall quality of life in the adopted nations. Why people immigrate to these and other nations? The answer is the prospec...
Author: Abhinav Visas and Immigration Services
Immigration Law

Canada, Land of Dreams

23rd May 2011
Nowadays when it comes to immigration, Canada is the first priority for many. Multicultural society, strong economy, job opportunities, comprehensive health care system, more balanced education system, good welfare system, retirement advantage makes this ...
Author: canadaexpert
Immigration Law

What Rights does Permanent Resident Status Grant Me In Canada?

12th March 2010
If you've thought about immigrating to Canada, or have a temporary visa to stay in Canada for work or school, you may be looking at what options you actually have at this point. Indeed, there are a few options that you can take once you've arrived in Cana...
Author: Melinda Dengate
Immigration Law

Take Help of an Immigration Lawyer For Immigration to Canada

12th February 2010
There are many people who are interested in immigrating to Canada as this is one country that offers tremendous opportunities and options to explore for new immigrants. People prefer immigration to Canada than other country as it has higher job opportunit...
Author: Jacob