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Business Law

A Guide to Register a Company in Singapore

11th October 2011
Singapore is the latest business hub in world and its prospering economy owes a great deal to the easy registration of company in Singapore policies. With a sound political system Singapore offers all the ingredients for the nationals as we well expatriat...
Author: Andrews Thomas
Business Law

The Advantages Of An Offshore Company

19th January 2011
In today's world few countries can claim to have an economy that is working to the satisfaction of its residents. The credit crunch resulted in the economies of big powers being ground into nothing, including the United States of America and the United Ki...
Author: Robert Fogarty
Business Law

How to Form a Corporation - Step by Step Expert Guide on How to Incorporate Your Business!

23rd November 2009
Choosing a right structure of new company is a vital decision that needs detailed analysis of pros and cons of each available option in terms of your current and future business needs. Before we start working on forming a new corporation, let us have a q...
Author: Amy C