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Family Law

Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

14th May 2012
Family law attorneys specialize in a variety of cases, including cases that involve divorce, child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support and guardianships. There are many reasons to hire a family law attorney and many benefits that can...
Author: lawfirm articles

The Best Divorce Advice For Men

10th March 2011
The best divorce advice for men is that which will help their gender in a divorce proceeding. Many men complain that they get the short end of the stick in a divorce action. They need to get the advice that they need from their perspective when they are...
Criminal Law

The Problem With Prosecuting Domestic Violence In Florida

29th April 2010
In 2005, the State of Florida had 120,386 reported incidents of domestic violence. (1) Law enforcement and Government agencies place a premium on the apprehension and prosecution of individuals arrested for such crimes. As importantly, victim advocates an...
Author: Lyonss Nyder
Employment Law

Workplace Violence in the Health Sector - An Administrator's Greatest Concern

13th April 2010
Of all the myths, false beliefs, and misinformation that's bandied around about workplace violence in the health sector and violence in the workplace in general, there is one that is causing more harm than good. I've found that, by and large, the greate...
Author: Jeffrey M. Miller