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Bankruptcy Law

Qualities To Look For In A Bankruptcy Attorney

19th March 2012
Why have I accumulated this much debt? This is a question many people find themselves asking before the bottom falls out on their financial lives. Most of the time the answer to why debt has been accumulated is I don't know why. It may have taken a bit...
Author: CPS
Bankruptcy Law


23rd June 2011
You have probably heard someone use the term “medical bankruptcy.” This is a word commonly used by individuals who either are going through a medically related financial crisis, or are acquainted with someone who is facing severe medical debt. Although me...
Author: freerad1963
Bankruptcy Law

You can Remove your Second Mortgage in Bankruptcy and Save your Home

08th March 2011
The current financial crisis, brought on by the collapse of the housing market has more and more people looking for solutions to their "under water" property. An "under water" property is one in which the debt on the property is greater than the value. To...
Author: Mitchell Sussman
Immigration Law

Strong Australian Dollar Raises Concerns

18th January 2011
With all the things happening in Australia, business visa holders are closely watching the latest developments here. With the country being one of the fastest growing economies in the world today, changes in here would certainly have a big effect. Thus, i...
Author: Steven

Effectively Settle Those IRS Tax Problems With Help From Jay Allen Finn

01st December 2010
Debt is one of those things that most people stress over. If you owe money then getting that money paid back is very important. If you owe money to the IRS then you may experience even more stress. This is in part due to the way that IRS tax problems are ...
Author: Roger Design
Bankruptcy Law

Protect college funds of your child in Bankruptcy

29th November 2010
Parents understand the rising prices of tuition fees and college costs that are necessary and are saving every bit of their money that they have earned in their entire life to make a bright future for their children. Most of the parents are saving their m...
Author: Jay King
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy lawyers around Florida

15th November 2010
There are several types of bankruptcies as stipulated in the United States and these are valid all over the nation including Florida. Consequently professional lawyers offer these services and you can consult the experts in the coastal region of the state...
Author: Harperknight
Bankruptcy Law

Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Rock Island County to File a Petition under Chapter 9

12th August 2010
Bankruptcy law chapter 9 was established to provide protection to municipalities against its creditors. This law is also known as Municipal Bankruptcy. Municipal bankruptcy is not very common but improper control of budgeting or unexpected financial crisi...
Author: Kathleen Chester

Federal Prison Consultant Predicts Many Indictments From Financial Crisis

29th September 2008
A Federal Prison Consultant who advises white collar defendants on how to prepare for their prison terms predicts that many people in the financial sector will be indicted. Geoff Mousseau, owner of White Collar Sentencing Consultants, Inc. in Los Ange...
Author: Geoff Mousseau