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Criminal Law

Prosecutors And The “Technicalities” That Set Criminals Free

14th January 2011
Note: this is the second part in a three-part series on the criminal justice system. See part one: “Criminal Defense Attorneys And The People They Really Protect”; part three: “Prosecution v. Defense And The Constitution That Binds Them.” I am sure at...
Author: Daniel E. Bonilla
Immigration Law

Proposed abolition of Tier 1 (General) and Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Visas from April 2011.

05th January 2011
How it will affect Migrants and UK Businesses? Manpreet Singh, 06 December 2010, London The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, on 23 November 2010 announced caps on Non-EU workers in Tier 2 category from April 2011 and the abolition of Tier 1 (General) a...
Author: Immigration Angels