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What Happens To My Property In Divorce?

18th March 2011
You and your spouse have come to the conclusion it is time to part ways, part the waters and part with half of your property in divorce. Every divorce case will have its ups and downs. There will be low spots and probably not a lot of high spots. You’l...
Author: Christy

Prenuptial Agreement in UK

07th March 2011
Is Prenuptial Agreement Legal in the UK? In the United Kingdom, pre-nuptial agreements currently have no legal standing. They are not binding on the courts Recently, in a case called MacLeod v MacLeod, the most senior judges confirmed that whil...
Author: Herry Taylor

Understanding property division post divorce

23rd November 2010
Numerous effects of divorce are perceptible on your life. One such is the effect on your property. What happens to your property post divorce? The answer depends on the state laws that are applicable in your case. As a resident of Dallas, the Texas divorc...
Author: Daniel Smith

Division of Property in a Michigan Divorce

15th November 2010
A number of properties may be jointly accumulated over the course of a couple’s marriage. Dividing property during a Michigan divorce can be a contentious and complicated affair, which makes it beneficial to have a Michigan divorce attorney on your side. ...
Author: Jim Hubbert, Esq.

A Complete Guide in Getting a San Diego Divorce

13th October 2010
Individuals who are getting through divorce find themselves so involved in its emotional aspects that they tend to forget the fact that the process of divorce is a legal matter. It is important to have adequate knowledge of the legal issues involved in yo...
Author: Joseph Carter

What Are the Laws Regarding Spousal Support and Divorce in California?

02nd September 2010
Spousal support or alimony can become a hot topic for many divorcing couples, so going into divorce proceedings with an understanding of the rules governing the process can be quite helpful. While your attorney will explain the details further, a little b...
Author: Justin

Divorce in New York

30th June 2010
To file for divorce in New York, at least one of the parties must meet the residency requirement and must have lived in the state for at least one year. Legal grounds for divorce in New York include: • Adultery • Cruel and inhumane treatment •...
Author: Tacit Logic

Divorce: Is your Spouse Hiding his Assets?

27th May 2010
Unfortunately divorce brings out the worst in people. Some spouses when they know that a marriage has come to an end will do anything to avoid having to pay their former loved one what they are entitled to from the marriage and to divide up the matrimonia...
Author: Legal-Zone

What is Involved in a Divorce

25th May 2010
The decision to file for divorce can be a difficult one. Most people believe that their marriages are solid but the sad truth is that many couples do get divorced. Every state has different laws to deal with divorce, so it is important for the individua...
Author: Content Creative Services

Divorce: What Happens to Real Estate and Other Large Assets?

19th May 2010
Attorneys and lawyers both understand that you worked hard for what you have.The results of your hard work may be represented by your home, car, or perhaps a significant savings or investment account. Georgia law states that all assets and debts, large...
Author: SullivJe

Discover How Properties Are Shared Under State Family Law

10th May 2010
A competent divorce lawyer can help you identify and ascertain the value of assets along with representing your best interest. It is much easier if you and your spouse can make a deal on how all resources should be divided. When you are unable, the decisi...
Author: Chris
Real Estate Law

Does the way in which I hold title make a difference?

12th March 2010
Yes. The nature of your assets and how you hold title to those assets is a critical factor in the estate planning process. Before you take title (or change title) to an asset, you should understand the tax and other consequences of any proposed change. Yo...
Author: swapnamanikssys