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File Your Taxes Online - Efile Taxes At Your Convenience!

16th February 2011
Preparing income tax return online using software is the most convenient way to complete taxes. If you are worried about doing your own taxes affordably, nothing can be more cost-effective than getting it done online with an IRS authorized e-filer or webs...
Author: jacky
Bankruptcy Law

Modify in Bankruptcy Laws

19th January 2011
Debtor Training CourseIn accordance with the new laws in bankruptcy, bankruptcy credit counseling must be obtained inside 180 days of filing for bankruptcy, and this session really should consist of a budgetary analysis. Another valuable inclusion in the ...
Author: Nolan Bray
Bankruptcy Law

The Pros and Cons of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

24th November 2010
Individuals who are willing to pay their debts within 3-5 years qualify for the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This chapter is crucial as it is helpful for individuals that want to retain some or all of their assets. This form of bankruptcy in some cases offers a...
Author: Jay King
Bankruptcy Law

Filing for Bankruptcy In Dallas

11th August 2010
As a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas I have consulted hundreds of homeowners trying to stop foreclosure after being denied a loan modification. While these homeowners followed their lenders directions to the tee in an effort to avoid foreclosure, they ended...
Author: David Van Houser
Bankruptcy Law

What are these bankruptcy discharge papers and why are they so important?

11th August 2010
Bankruptcy discharge order is an order of the bankruptcy judge relieving, the bankruptcy filer, of further liability for certain debts to ease financial burden. Once a bankruptcy is filed it generally takes approximately 4 to 5 months to receive discharge...
Author: Joe Dindo

How to E - File Your Tax Return Online

16th February 2010
Every year the tax payer must go through the arduous process of filing their tax returns with the federal government and the State or States in which the filer earned income for that year. Most people (that do not do it themselves), pay a Certified Public...
Author: Greg Roukema

1099 Software - How to Print 1099 MISC

20th November 2009
A 1099 form is considered an informational return by the IRS. Use this form to report taxable income. 1099 MISC Forms report miscellaneous taxable income for individuals and companies who have been paid $600 or more in non-employee compensation during a c...
Author: Lisa Heather

Married but Filing Bankruptcy Individually

01st July 2009
One of the trickier issues in filing an individual bankruptcy is how to handle the situation in which the debtor is married, but his or her petition is individual as opposed to joint, i.e. the spouse does not join in the bankruptcy filing. Of particular i...
Author: David Romito

How To Decide Whether to Standardize or Itemize Your Tax Deductions?

15th April 2009
Doing your taxes is time-consuming. There are a variety of choices on how to proceed. Taxes can be done online, or using a proprietary software package. Some taxpayers still use the old-fashioned method of pen and paper. Others prefer to hand the whole pr...
Author: Ron Finkelstein