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Business Law

Plan With Your Children Using Rugs Direct

23rd June 2011
At this time of year many people feel it is time for a makeover. A fresh new look to your house is needed. The same old boring rooms look stale after the winter. However time and money are both in short supply in many houses so we all need a quick and eas...
Author: Henry James
Bankruptcy Law

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

23rd May 2011
One may come across different advices by the people when they face a poor financial condition. What is the right way to opt for to solve the crisis is a main decision to be taken at this point of time. Out of these many methods, debt consolidation is an i...
Author: Robert

What is IRS Debt Settlement and How it Works

29th December 2010
Understanding tax debt settlement is essential if you owe money to the IRS. With a tax settlement, you are able to pay settle your liability for less than what you owe. The IRS offers several methods for taxpayers who are interested in settling their bala...
Author: Matt Robinson
Employment Law

Components and Other Parts of a Worker's Compensation Law

31st March 2010
Workers can always use some security in their employment and so having a compensation law applied in the workplace will do well. Workers need the security of having someone or something they can turn to for help especially with medically related situation...
Author: Pamela Emerson

Breach of Contract

28th July 2009
Breach of contract happens quite often. Two or more parties enter into a good faith arrangement and during their relationship, one or more decide(s) for whatever non-legally valid reason not to hold up their end of the bargain. A few types of breaches are...
Author: Kevin Johnson

Remedies for Breach Of Contract - UK Law

16th July 2008
IntroductionThere are various remedies available to an innocent party where there has been a breach of contract. The main remedy (and the most well known) is damages. However there are suite of remedies available at law that are available in certain situa...
Author: Leigh Ellis