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Immigration Law

Non-immigrants can extend the stay in the US

16th December 2011
People come to the US for a number of reasons. US is the home to great number of immigrants who enter the US to work and settle down there. Once they get a green card and begin a comfortable life there, they move on to become US citizens. This is the high...
Author: Jessica Potter

The Value of an American Visa B1-B2

10th March 2011
An American visa will be the most useful key that a foreign citizen has for getting into the United States and have the ability:to complete company make investments, do banking transactions, or to journey freely and legally inside of the U.S. territory, t...
Author: Rob Cameron
Immigration Law

Australian Visa Application

05th January 2011
Do you want to travel to Australia? ever thought of having a great vacation in Australia? Did you ever consider working in the land Down Under? If you do, then you have to know more about the country, its culture, folk, and food before you make that major...
Author: janie keeting