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Criminal Law

Defending your Case with a Tampa Criminal Attorney

19th March 2010
Building a good defense is the key if you want to successfully defend criminal charges in court. Hiring an experienced Tampa criminal attorney will ensure you are in the best possible position to have your version of events presented in court. A good re...
Author: juliannemayers
Criminal Law

Identity Theft Protection: Prepaid Legal Services

18th March 2010
Identity theft is now the leading white collar crime in North America. In the United States alone, millions of individuals every year are suffering from identity theft. You may even know a few of those people, or be a victim yourself. Those who haven't ex...
Author: James Coffman

Overview of Child Abuse Lawsuits - General and Basic Legal Info You Should Know

18th February 2010
A parent's worst fear is that something horrific will happen to their children. Child abuse happens every day and often by the people closest to the children. When child abuse has taken place by a parent, caregiver, teacher or stranger legal action will b...
Author: Daniel Berry

Why are lawyers important in our society?

05th February 2010
Lawyer is the generic term that is used to describe anyone that has training in the law. Solicitors, legal counsel and barristers are all lawyers in that they have specialist knowledge of the law in their particular area of expertise and within the juri...
Author: Ben Letham

Reasons That May Permit Alimony Support Modification

23rd September 2009
Being able to fully understand one's rights is important in exercising those rights. Many individuals are clueless as to the rights they retain while going through a divorce and after the divorce proceedings and an agreement has been made. The legal proce...
Author: Justin

The Stages of Civil Litigation

02nd December 2006
Getting involved in a lawsuit can be a very stressful situation, regardless of which side you are on. To limit the stress, it often helps to understand the process and stages of litigation. What is civil litigation? Civil litigation is a lawsuit whereb...
Author: Gerard Simington
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