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US Visa Thailand: 221g, 214b, Administrative Processing, and Visa Applications

15th December 2009
Unfortunately, United States visa applications can be delayed at a US Embassy or Consulate overseas. That being said, understanding the reason for the delay can often be a key factor in getting overcoming the impasse. This article attempts to explain the ...
Author: US Visa Lawyer
Immigration Law

K1 Visa Interview: How Do I Prepare My Thai Fiancee

14th December 2009
The climax of the US visa process is the K1 visa interview. This phase of the process may be the most anticipated, second only to the approval phase. In many ways, a US visa lawyer can be helpful in assisting a Thai with the fiance visa interview. Many...
Author: K1 Visa Thailand

Establishing Domicile on the Affidavit of Support for and American Expat

10th June 2009
Filing a visa petition at the USCIS office in Bangkok can be a boon to both the visa petitioner as well as the beneficiary. However, there are restrictions on who is able to submit a local filing. Further, locally filing overseas can create problems when ...
Author: US Visa Lawyer
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