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Bankruptcy Law

Real and Personal Bankruptcy Property Exemptions in Bankruptcy

10th March 2011
One of the first questions that most potential bankrupts have is, "What will happen to my property, if I file for bankruptcy?" Because the bankruptcy process offers debtors a "fresh start" if they're drowning in debt, to further the goal of a "fresh st...
Author: Mitchell Sussman

Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP) - Michigan

07th March 2011
The purposeful destruction of property owned by someone else is considered a criminal offense. While commonly referred to as vandalism, this category of crime is classified in the Michigan criminal code as Malicious Destruction of Property (MDOP). MDOP...
Author: Matthew
Employment Law

Accidents at work - are you entitled to compensation?

13th August 2010
Being injured in an accident at work can put you into very difficult situation. Part of you doesn't want to seem disloyal to your employer by seeking compensation, but equally you are justified in not wanting to be left out of pocket due to the expense ca...
Author: Rob.Berry-Smith
Personal Injury

Work Place Accidents

21st January 2010
Though it may be undisputed that employers do their best to ensure that our work environments are the safest they could possibly be, occupational injuries still remain an all too common occurrence, and are perhaps an inevitable part of our working lives. ...
Author: Jeanie Weedman

Edmonton Divorce Lawyer Counsel - How To Locate And Seek Legal Counsel From A Family Lawyer Inside E

10th November 2009
People prefer to enter divorce proceedings for a variety of reasons, however usually the more civilized these events are the better. A divorce lawyer Edmonton will be very valuable for representing you regarding allocation of possessions and personal effe...
Author: Will Tanner

What is exempt property and what can you keep with the federal exemptions?

17th September 2009
"The purpose of an exemption is to protect a debtor and his family against absolute want by allowing them, out of his property, some reasonable means of support and education and the maintenance of the decencies and proprieties of life." Poznanovic v. M...
Author: Dustin Bower