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Lemon Law

Knowing Your Federal Lemon Law can Help You Become a Responsible Consumer

28th April 2011
As a consumer, you naturally would not want to make a bad purchase or buy a product that is not at all worth your hard-earned money. In the case of buying used goods, you’d want to make the best choice possible, though your skill at determining a product...
Author: Michael Harrah
Internet Law

Fraud, Chargebacks, And How They Affect Your Online Business

06th April 2011
Online merchants all over the world have to deal with fraudsters who are trying to steal their products or services through bank or credit card fraud. When a purchase has been made by a customer, and you have received the so-called "authorization" fro...

Benefits of Tax Preparation Online Coupons

16th July 2010
Tax preparation is a tedious and complicated job. Make it easy by availing yourself with online Tax Preparation coupons. Tax time is one of the toughest times of a year for many. Unprepared for taxes is dangerous. It can harm a person badly and he/she ...
Author: helendavisy