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Make it easy to pay self employment taxes

07th July 2011
Self employment taxes are without any doubt a major concern for all who are working from home. No matter how much money you earn, you never feel comfortable in giving some amount to the government as part of yourself employment tax. Although, paying the...
Author: Data Flat
Immigration Law

Role Played By Immigration Attorneys in the U.S

09th February 2011
There are many reasons that one may want to visit the U.S, be it for work reasons, business reasons, holiday, or even wanting to stay here permanently. All these reasons have different laws concerning them. Whether one has issues to do with their Visas or...
Author: Martin Valence
Immigration Law

What Are the Rules for a Working Holiday Visa?

16th November 2010
A Working Holiday Visa provides you with an excellent opportunity really experience the culture of the UK by allowing you to live and work in your choice of UK cities for up to two full years. There are some specific rules and requirements that you should...
Author: Carla Jiroux Kaplan