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Business Law

Offshore Company Formation - How far it is Beneficial?

19th June 2011
The company which has been incorporated beyond the limits of jurisdiction of its operation is called offshore company. In other words, the company which has business transactions outside its own country is called offshore company. For instance, for an Ame...
Author: jakminni

Capital Business Advisors Co. -- Business Broker, Washington DC For Buyers And Sellers

22nd February 2011
There are many businesses currently running in today’s time. Small and medium businesses look for right opportunities to expand their businesses and get more customers all over the world. this can be done in various ways, and one of that is the merging an...
Author: Capitalbusiness Advisors
Internet Law

The Importance of a Fund Manager

19th October 2010
THE IMPORTANCE OF A FOREX FUND MANAGER Who Is A Forex Fund Manager True, the forex market is a risky and dynamic market that tests continually your sense of discipline and self control at all time. Most people who setout to start a career in currenc...
Author: God is Love
Business Law

Trademark Registration – Get IPR Services from our Global Law Firm

17th August 2010
A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, designs or symbols is used in the course of trade that identifies and distinguishes the source of the services or goods of one enterprise from those of others. trademark re...
Author: rahulkumar
Business Law

International Tenders - Checklist for a successful bid

11th June 2010
International tenders are open for bidding by any business owner who conducts business in a particular field for which tender is being initiated. Successful bidding of an international tender goes a long way in giving your business the required recognitio...
Author: Emilyralph
Business Law

Global Business Buy Leads - Garner Benefits From The Growing Business Demand!

07th May 2010
In present scenario, with so many opportunities available, doing any business is not a daunting task anymore. You can start your business in international market quite easily. With the advent of Internet and other advance technologies in online world, you...
Author: Emilyralph
Real Estate Law

Business Transaction and Processing

04th May 2010
Business transaction is comprised of lots of legal documents. It is often marked as a provider for the client usually given by the buyer. A business contract allows you any business type and owner and let the distribution along the way. These types of tra...
Author: James Kahn

Saving BusinessTax

14th April 2010
One always has to be very aware that tax avoidance is a legal and proper means of minimizing your tax bill where as tax evasion is illegal and must be avoided. HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs) have increasing powers and this is a very strong deterr...
Author: UK Tax Refunds
Business Law

A General Review Of The Legal Firm Lewis & Kappes

14th April 2010
More and more civil lawsuits are being filed today due to which many companies and individuals find themselves embroiled in cases related to real estate and business transactions. While no two civil suits are identical, the legal procedures followed are c...
Author: Floyd Carlson
Business Law

Preparation is Key to a Successful Business Sale

12th March 2010
For most people, selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It can be an emotional and stressful time for the owner. To optimize your success in selling your business, it is important that you plan ahead. Here are a few important topics to con...
Author: Ryan Cave

The Civil Litigation Process in Texas

10th March 2009
The Civil Litigation Process in Texas These days, more and more people and businesses are facing civil lawsuits over real estate and business transactions. What should you do if served with legal papers? What will happen while the case is prepared for ...
Author: Michael Fleming