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Business Law

What Enterprises Need to Know About E911 Communications Systems

27th April 2012
The original 911 system was designed to meet much simpler needs. Originally, when telephone users still required the assistance of operators to place their calls, they could rely on the operator knowing their numbers and locations because when an operator...
Author: Jeffrey.Austin
Immigration Law

New Canadian Immigration Program Changes

22nd August 2011
Learn more about the news here: Today Citizenship and Immigration Canada released changes to the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Immigrant Investor and Federal Entre...
Author: fwcanada

Carolina Tax Extension 2010 Carolina Tax Extension Form 2010 Online

11th March 2011
Electronic filing your Carolina state tax extension 2010 is a very fast and well-organized method now used to pay the IRS during the tax period. Any form that is required is available readily online; this means that you no longer have to journey to the lo...
Author: denialnichol
Immigration Law

Protestors vying for immigration coverage alterations rally outside the Va DMV headquarters

03rd October 2010
RICHMOND, Virginia- A dozen protestors rallied external the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles headquarters on Broad Road in Richmond.The objective of the protest was to convince the Governor of the state, Bob McDonnell, to reduce the severity of the r...
Author: Sandy Dickson
Accident claims

Motorcycle Accident Case

30th April 2010
Out of all the types of roadway accidents, motorcycle accidents case can be particularly devastating. There are naturally higher risks of injury when on is on an unprotected motorcycle. A motorcycle is also smaller than a car and has less built in safety ...
Author: traillaw1