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Is Your Visa Secured in the Hands of Immigration Attorneys?

08th November 2012
Planning to immigrate, smash!! The moment you cogitated to immigrate is the time you start drumming your head because immigration is a vast process that cut your time and burn down money. In short, immigration is not an easy procedure; one has to go throu...
Author: Navin Prakash
Immigration Law

Plans to Curb Immigration leading to Settlement in the UK will damage UK Business – Law Society

05th December 2011
The United Kingdom Border Agency's consultation entitled Employment-related settlement, Tier 5 and overseas domestic worker closed last week. Its consultation on "family migration" is due to come to an end on 6 October 2011. Back in July we summaris...
Author: Gherson

Changes to Canadian Immigration Rules: Biometric Scanning

25th July 2011
Learn more about the news here: The Canadian government has announced changes to the existing Canadian immigration rules. Citizenship and Immigration...
Author: fwcanada
Immigration Law

Evidence to be restricted in Points Based System Appeals

16th June 2011
The Ministry for Justice announced that from October of this year (2011) fees will be payable by people wishing to appeal against immigration decisions (with exceptions for people appealing against refusal of asylum and humanitarian protection) the Immigr...
Author: Gherson
Immigration Law

Immigration Visa Office in New Delhi

17th May 2011
Today, India is one of the major sources of immigrants in different corners of the globe. The boom in the immigration levels or exports from India is recent. The development was notable in the past few decades, when people emerged aware of the opportuniti...
Author: monia
Immigration Law

Tier 4 Sponsorship Revised in Second New Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules

10th May 2011
Just two weeks after the "overhaul" of the structure of the Immigration Rules covering Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Points Based System contained in Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules HC 863, a further Statement of Changes: HC 908, which makes sign...
Author: Gherson
Immigration Law

Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules HC 863

05th April 2011
The government laid a new Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules (HC 863) on 17 March 2011 before Parliament. The changes are extensive and implement the government's intentions which have been announced in various policy documents and public s...
Author: Gherson
Immigration Law

UKBA publishes Tier 2

06th March 2011
As per the announcement given earlier regarding Tier 2 and the MAC’s list of “graduate occupations” has been followed by the Immigration Minister Damien Green’s statement yesterday as to the changes to be made in April of this year (2011). Mr Green’s ...
Author: Gherson
Immigration Law

Big Apple Immigration Lawyer

03rd March 2011
Immigrating to New York can be a formal procedure, that is to bee extremely meticulously. New York immigration lawyer will help you to greater understand these formalities and manual you the best way to move forward with those formalities. If you're plann...
Author: Howard Barron
Immigration Law

Why the UKBA's first

15th February 2011
There has been a series of challenges to the lawfulness of the Government's Points Based System since the Court of Appeal's judgment in Secretary of State for the Home Department v Pankina (2010) EWCA Civ 719, (2010) 3 WLR 1526 which came out in June of 2...
Author: Gherson
Immigration Law

Canadian Laws Governing Immigration and Employment

11th February 2011
Canada attracts thousands of immigrants from all over the world annually. As a peaceful and safe country with a lot of diversity with regard to its citizens, Canada is one of the preferred destinations of immigrants. As with all nations, Canada also has i...
Author: Jonanthan R Bailey
Immigration Law

Tips on How to Make Query on Your Application Status in USCIS

24th January 2011
USCIS is a government agency that handles the legitimate US immigration procedure. Any forms related to the US immigration must be submitted and filed with this agency. Here are the helpful tips on the process application to the USCIS.After filing the f...
Author: Tristan Beach
Immigration Law

Interim Cap on Tier 1 and Tier 2 is Unlawful

17th January 2011
Two senior judges have ruled that the interim cap on applications under Tiers 1 and 2 of the Points Based System was unlawful. The interim cap, which was intended to be the precursor to the permanent cap which is to be imposed next April (2011) was me...
Author: Gherson

Canada Immigration Consultant - Skilled Protection For New Immigrants

07th December 2010
Immigration to Canada could be a time consuming and nerve-rackin g activity so Canada Immigration Consultant is more necessary if you don't know where to start. After all there may be nothing stopping you applying yourself, but an immigration Consultant w...
Author: alex
Immigration Law

UK Immigration Cap for Tier 1 and Tier 2

06th December 2010
The Government's Migration Advisory Committee (the MAC) has published its report entitled "Limits on Migration: Limits on Tier 1 and Tier 2 for 2011/12 and supporting policies." The MAC describes itself as "a non-departmental public body comprised of e...
Author: Gherson
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