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Business Law

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Procedure

18th June 2012
APPLICATION FOR ACCREDITATION The laboratory shall apply to THE ACCREDITATION MEMBER BODY in the prescribed application form (THE ACCREDITATION MEMBER BODY 151 or/ and THE ACCREDITATION MEMBER BODY 152), in five copies along with five copies of the lab...
Author: James Miller

Employment Law Update - Diversity

03rd January 2012
From about 1970, a range of protections have been introduced making it unlawful to treat someone less favourably in the work environment for a reason related to a protected characteristic (gender, race, age etc.). More recently, considerable attention has...
Author: KateRussell
Medical Malpractice

Accutane Side Effects Have Hit Some Former Patients Much Worse Than Others

10th October 2011
For years those who prescribed Accutane to treat their severe acne were warned of the potential Accutane side effects that they could be at a greater risk of experiencing but those were minor. Someone suffering from severe acne knows how embarrassing it a...
Author: Roger Design
Business Law

Get your home work done before applying for small business loans

03rd October 2011
At the start up stage of any business it is essential for an entrepreneur to distinguish between what is essential and what is desirable. Entrepreneurs must be able to explain their value proposition in a short and simple way. Simple solutions for substan...
Author: Bernie Lemieux
Immigration Law

Colorado Immigration Attorney Discusses 3 of the Top Concerns With the Family Immigration Process

10th June 2011
Three of the most pressing concerns affecting immigrants in the U.S., relating to family-based immigration cases, are: (1) people wanting to know what their options are when applying for their spouse, (2) the process of applying for a finance/fiancée, an...
Author: Immigration Lawyer Denver

Employ the Finest Celebrity Divorce Attorney to Handle Your Divorce Case

05th April 2011
When confronted with generating tough selections in life, a lot of people eliminate the energy to think and act rationally and then they require the help and guidance of other folks, in purchase to make the appropriate selection. A divorce is one particul...
Author: tierra
Criminal Law

Search the Court and Criminal Records with Record Locator Websites

17th February 2011
The world is insecure and trusting anyone at his face value is not just unsafe but can be dangerous too especially if that anyone is soon to be your employee or tenant. An employee with legal troubles in the past can be very dangerous for the market reput...
Author: Jenny
Immigration Law

Keep These Facts in Mind if You Desire to Preserve Your Green Card

05th January 2011
If a person does not want to loose his or her green card status he must follow certain rules and regulations. He should not do anything contrary to the criminal or immigration laws of the country otherwise he will have to face serious complications. If a ...
Author: Efren Bradford

Nothing is Certain But Death and Taxes

26th October 2010
Every government has expenses to think of. These expenses are for the delivery of services to the people it serves. From the pay of government employees to service provision for the people, expenses are incurred at all levels. How would the government ...
Author: David Stack

What are the benefits filing a 1040 tax return?

05th October 2010
Unfortunately tips are considered taxable income in the United States. A person will have to report any significant amount of tips that they receive on their tax return. An individual who receives a few cash tips probably won’t have to bother reporting t...
Author: bruceconans
Copyright & Trademark

Understanding Medical Transcription

06th August 2010
Medical Transcription involves transcribing the notes of your doctor/physician and converting them into electronic files for future reference. The medical system in the United States is completely based on insurance and hence scrutiny of the files is nece...
Author: rebecca
Medical Malpractice

Why is Surgery Center Liability Coverage Important?

23rd April 2010
You probably worked very hard to get your medical career going. Now as a medical professional your main focus is to take care of your patients. You do the best you can, but sometimes mistakes happen. Whether you're a doctor, nurse practitioner, medic...
Author: Maria Palma
Criminal Law

Defending your Case with a Tampa Criminal Attorney

19th March 2010
Building a good defense is the key if you want to successfully defend criminal charges in court. Hiring an experienced Tampa criminal attorney will ensure you are in the best possible position to have your version of events presented in court. A good re...
Author: juliannemayers

Internal Revenue Service Tax Deductions

06th January 2010
Do you use the standard deduction that the IRS provides, knowing full well you can claim additional deductions? If you are worried about filing for deductions, do not worry about it. With good bookkeeping and filing of all receipts for deductable items, y...
Author: Tom Peters

3 Tips to Reduce Self-Employment Tax

27th March 2009
It is easy to see why a self-employed individual would see the self-employment (SE) tax as unfair. While in an organization, that same employee would have to pay taxes amounting to roughly 7.65 percent. However, as a self-employed individual, those same f...
Author: Ron Finkelstein