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Business Law

New York Limo Companies To Avoid

12th May 2011
When purchasing a product or service, it is extremely important that prospective buyers determine whether or not a company can deliver it affordably and adequately. There are often tell-tell signs that a company will or will not be able to do the aforemen...
Author: SIS Media Group LLC
Business Law

New York Limo: Choosing The Right Limo For Your Occasion

11th May 2011
Renting a limousine is exciting, especially for those individuals who donít get to use this form of transportation regularly. However, renting a New York Limo involves more then simply dialing up a company and renting a car. Certain considerations must to...
Author: SIS Media Group LLC
Business Law

New Jersey Limo: When A Limo Is The Perfect Form of Transportation

23rd November 2010
When people need transportation and regular car wonít do, one option is a limousine. There are certain instances when riding in a limo is superior to other forms of transportation. Examples of this would be during major events, such as prom, anniversary c...
Author: sismediagroupseo