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Immigration Law

Danny Green like Tyson, says Coach

14th October 2011
Jimmy Williams, the 84-year-outdated coach of previous boxing champions like Mike Tyson and Jake LaMotta has in comparison Aussie boxer Danny Green to his previous protègès. Green ought to be some thing unique and struck a chord with Williams. Compliment ...
Author: GilBaxter
Immigration Law

Procedure and Laws for Immigration to Australia

17th May 2011
Each year almost six million people come to Australia for vacations or to undertake study programs. These immigrants have made a significant contribution to the country’s economy. The standard of living in Australia is highest in the world yet the cost r...
Author: Subhash Kashyap
Immigration Law

Visa Options in Australia, the Subclass 121/856 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

17th November 2010
Anyone who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, and wishing to work in Australia, must apply for a visa to remain in the country on a legal basis. There are a wide range of visa options available for working migrants. One route in obtaining a visa...
Author: markacesmith
Immigration Law

Get Australian Student Visa for your children

11th April 2010
If you want your children to have an education in Australia, you must now apply for their Australian student visa now. Let them have a visit during holidays in Australia, so they might not be culture shocked with the new environment there were living in t...
Author: dylan