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Divorce: The Fork in the Road: Which way you travel is Important

16th November 2010
Whenever we meet bumps in the road there is usually more than one path to choose. We make these choices as we choose a school, a career, a home, and a mate. But these choices, like all choices, are rarely written in stone. One of the beauties of life i...
Author: Brian James

Legal Issues on Divorcing

23rd September 2010
Divorcing does not simply mean that two people are separated physically and that they are free from liabilities they had during marriage. Divorce is a legal matter. Divorce does not only include signing of documents. The process in divorce differs dependi...
Author: Dalton Nolan

Dissolution of Marriage for a new lease of life

01st September 2010
Marriages are solemnized in heaven but very few are enjoying the perfect bliss in their marriage. The loving relationship which materialized in wedding sometimes took ugly turn when both party does not have faith in each other. There are numerous reasons ...
Author: dominicbenjamin
Family Law

Domestic Violence and Divorce - The Epidemic Facing Battered Mothers in Family Court

26th April 2010
Battered mothers in divorce court often look like "swine flu" survivors that haven't realized they are part of an epidemic. These women are in awe over what is "happening" or has "happened" to them and their children. They go into court expecting "just...
Author: Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Not Your Ordinary Piece Of Paper

27th January 2010
When a couple undergoes a divorce proceeding, the information pertaining to the outcome of the case is made available to the general public via divorce records. Depending on the purpose it may serve, one of the couples can file for a personal copy of the ...
Author: Robert Don

Can You Hide Your Divorce Records?

17th August 2007
Divorce and Marriage Records: Public records databases on the Internet encompass a wide range of directories including birth records criminal records court records property records tax records business records telephone directories and other vital records...
Author: hazel