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Bankruptcy Law

Does a Chapter 13 Wipe Out IRS Tax Debt?

14th April 2011
Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for people who owe money in America, but it cannot eliminate all debts. The idea that it can simply wipe the financial slate clean is a canard. As a general rule, bankruptcy protection can help people get rid of credit debt a...
Author: Dori Faxton
Bankruptcy Law

Company Bankruptcy - When Does a Corporation Or Partnership Need to have to have to Doc?

22nd November 2010
Good reasons to Use Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Preferably instead of Chapter 7 BankruptcyIf you have determined that you might need to file bankruptcy, most individuals most likely are not informed of the numerous options offered. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Cha...
Author: Devon Holman
Bankruptcy Law

What is a Bankruptcy Attorney?

22nd October 2010
A bankruptcy attorney is just that, an attorney that assists you with filing for bankruptcy. Once you have decided that a bankruptcy in Phoenix, AZ or another market in Arizona is indeed what is right for you and your family, you are faced with the task o...
Author: Max Gunderson
Bankruptcy Law

Texas Bankruptcy Laws and Attorney: A Relief for the Debtors

08th October 2010
Bankruptcy is a situation that is not an area specific, but everyone belonging to any part of the world can be into this kind of situation. Bankruptcy is a term used to denote a situation when you become so weak economically and financially that you donít...
Author: jemmyfoster
Bankruptcy Law

Filing for Bankruptcy In Dallas

11th August 2010
As a bankruptcy attorney in Dallas I have consulted hundreds of homeowners trying to stop foreclosure after being denied a loan modification. While these homeowners followed their lenders directions to the tee in an effort to avoid foreclosure, they ended...
Author: David Van Houser
Bankruptcy Law

How a Bankruptcy Attorney in Texas Can Help You in Filing for Bankruptcy

01st July 2010
The purpose of filing for bankruptcy is to give a person who is overwhelmed with debt, a fresh start by wiping out his or her debts.Many people seek bankruptcy because they are unemployed, have large medical expenses, have marital problems, or have anot...
Author: Satya Narayan
Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Laws: Solving most of your problems

20th May 2010
UK Government has formulated bankruptcy laws to the people who have taken debts but are not able to resolve the debts in stipulated time, or file petitions in the court during inability to pay off the debts. In simple words bankruptcy is a legal way of de...
Author: Borton Stevens
Bankruptcy Law

How Flexible is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

16th April 2010
Before filing for bankruptcy, it is crucial to understand all the facts. Since you may not be an expert in bankruptcy law, the questions you might have about the process have answers that are anything but clear. Not only are there different types of bankr...
Author: Brian Reed

Why You Need to Consult with a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney

23rd February 2010
The Las Vegas economy continues to one of the hardest hit by the country's economic downturn, as it suffers from an unemployment rate higher than the national average and a slump in its construction and tourism industries, two of the traditional drivers o...
Author: lasvegasbankru