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Real Estate Law

Guelph Laywers: Should I Retain The Services Of an Estate Planning Lawyer?

15th March 2012
One of the primary concerns a lot of families deal with is if their loved one will need to seek the services of an estate planning lawyer or not. Not only are there a big number of attorneys competent for this particular project, but there are likely many...
Author: henleylaw
Employment Law

Employment law update – the employment contract

06th May 2011
The foundation stone of the workplace is the employment contract. The terms of the contract can come from a number of different sources, for example, statute, industry rules and standards, and the company’s own rules. The Employment Rights Act 1996 places...
Author: KateRussell

Filing Divorce Form is the Biggest Decision any Wife Made

21st December 2009
There are points in life which we need to make decisions that can completely change our lives forever. One is when the wife decides to give up the marriage that she thought can give her happiness. It is neither a simple nor an ordinary decision to make as...
Author: James Kahn
Estate Planning

Have a Will, But You Also Need a Trust

05th May 2009
You no longer have a need for a court Executor to manage your assets for people whom you've already named as recipients to your assets. After-death distributions under a living trust are usually implemented privately, and avoid probate. This works because...
Author: jesuscole