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Internet Law

Top 10 issues for Patent Litigation in 2011

10th February 2011
The end of the year is the time for top 10 lists. Here, in no particular order, are my top 10 issues for patent litigators in 2011. 10. Microsoft Corp v. i4i Ltd. Partnership., and the clear and convincing evidence standard where the defendant relies o...
Author: Brandon Baum
Copyright & Trademark

Know the right way to choose a good patent lawyer

14th July 2010
Every invention or idea of invention is the property of the inventor. Ethically it belongs to him/her. However, it is essential to obtain legal rights on it as well. This is to ensure that your invention is protected from unauthorized use. This protection...
Author: craig23
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Inventors: Do your own Patent Search Free!

16th August 2009
In the old days, patent searches were conducted in cold, dark rooms in Washington DC, at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The USPTO now resides in Arlington, Virginia, and things have changed. Before, inventors would have to pony up thousand...
Author: sbbarca