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How Tax Codes Are Made Up

21st February 2011
Are you confused about Sales Tax Items and Sales Tax Codes in QuickBooks? I was too! It took me forever to finally figure out what they actually did, how to get the sales tax liability report to look right, and where they showed up on that report. After r...
Author: Wilmer Irwin

Direct Tax Code Changes In Transfer Pricing Regulations

18th February 2011
We're going to discuss the proper setup of sales tax items and codes; proper setup of customers for sales tax reporting; the difference between sales tax items and sales tax codes; using sales tax codes; and running sales tax reports in QuickBooks.Persona...
Author: Wilmer Irwin

Debt Advice May Be Needed For Tax Code Victims With Underpaid Tax

18th February 2011
From the Items List, press Control-N. Select Sales Tax Item. Enter a name for the sales tax - something simple is fine, something that makes sense to you. Enter a more detailed description on the next line. Enter the tax rate, and choose the state reporti...
Author: Wilmer Irwin

How Do Tax Code Changes in September Affect You

17th February 2011
First, select the Tax Item box. If this customer lives out of state or is otherwise non-taxable, select the Non Taxable sales tax item you established above. If the customer lives in-state or is otherwise taxable, select the Taxable sales tax item you est...
Author: Wilmer Irwin

History Of The Federal Income Tax

31st January 2011
Retirement Benefits: As per the revised DTC, the retirement benefits such as gratuity, commuted pension, voluntary retirement compensation and leave encashment will be exempt from tax subject to specified limits. Original Draft DTC had proposed a scheme o...
Author: Abraham Williams

Can This New Year Bring Consensus

26th January 2011
Just like all other years, year 2010 had also passed. We all would recall this year for different reasons and at different points of time in our life but our Finance Minister would definitely recall this and that too for an important reason i.e. Goods and...
Author: lawcruxadvisors

No Reduction In The Intensity Of GST Work

18th January 2011
As the future of the Goods and Services Tax is still uncertain in India but our efforts to elaborate the broader concept of “GST” will continue in the same manner. Even after facing such a huge setback on major issues such as GST structure, Constitutional...
Author: Atul


13th January 2011
Finally the Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee speaks about the future of the Goods and Service Tax and the words spoken by him were not surprising at all. GST is unlikely to be implemented from the scheduled date of April 1, 2011. Now he is looking...
Author: Sanjay Chauhan

Patent Process outsourcing in India

20th June 2010
Once any new idea or invention is conceptualized it becomes necessary to get a patent. Only a patent can certify that the invention is original. Patents encourage and become stimulus for other future innovations. By definition, a patent is a set of exclus...
Author: tomjhonson