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Real Estate Law

Manhattan Beach Homes- Beautiful Escapade

09th June 2011
Owing a beach house in Manhattan is a dream of many people. Also, many people are not easily convinced about buying beach properties because of its high cost and out of the way location. However, the recent crises have now opened affordable opportunities...
Author: classicbeach

Paving your Way to File for Divorce in Texas

23rd March 2010
Need to file divorce in Texas? Have you had almost enough of your indifferences? Do you feel like all you want in your life now is to back out from your marriage? If so , then you must be on the'I need OUT' stage or the stage where you are essentially con...
Author: Raymond Oneill
Real Estate Law

The Benefits Of The Cooling Off Period

18th March 2010
Since buyer's remorse is such a common phenomenon in the home buying process, Queensland has implemented a five day cooling off period during which buyers can back out of the deal. This is a very important part of the process and is designed to protect bu...
Author: EvaJudge