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Immigration Law

Tourist Visa to the US

23rd February 2011
Visitors arriving inside the US must have a valid tourist visa. Unless your country participates inside the visa waiver system (VWP) wherein you'll be able to arrive within the US for 90 days or less without having applying for a visa in advance. The tour...
Author: Al Kola
Criminal Law

Why You Should Consider a Criminal History Check

15th February 2011
If you are looking at getting a background check on someone, you need to know which check you wish to have done. Regardless if you decide to go with a credit check, national background check, driving record check, online criminal record search or more, yo...
Author: GregBlack
Employment Law

Singapore Employment Pass Application: The Facts and Procedure

14th February 2011
Singaporeís advancing economic structure attracts a great number of individuals who wish to experience its business potential. Any foreigner who wishes to do business in Singapore, either by seeking employment or putting up his own company, must first obt...
Author: rikvinshore

Claiming a tax rebate as a working student

19th April 2010
If you are a student who works you could be entitled to a tax rebate as your employer may not have taken into account the fact that you earn less than the current tax free allowance. Anyone who earns over the tax free allowance - £6,475 for 2010/2011...
Author: Ben Greenwood
Employment Law

Lawyers Who Know Unemployment Compensation Law

31st March 2010
People who have lost their jobs and desire to apply for compensation needs to be knowledgeable about the things that will make unemployment claim valid and so this article will be teaching just that. This is to ensure that any unemployed person will have ...
Author: lorilee dhebar