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The Order Granting a Deferral and Installment Payment of Taxes, Levies and Customs Duties

14th March 2011
Of deferral and installment payment of taxes Tax credit Normative distribution of proceeds The order granting a deferral and installment payment of taxes, levies and customs duties Deferral and (or) installments may be granted in respect of all su...
Author: Adan Branton
Real Estate Law

Realities And Risks Of An Installment Land Contract

24th January 2011
An installment land contract (aka: land contract, contract for deed, or installment contract) can be compared to purchasing a product or service on credit; specifically, via installment payments. An installment contract involves an agreement used rather t...
Author: JoelMcDonald2010

10000 Tax Debt

22nd March 2010
Paying off tax debt is a difficult thing to do. Especially if you have no money to pay off such a large lump sum of debt. Especially if its 10,000 dollars worth! In this instance there is a way to pay off your debt easily and quickly. This is called an ...
Author: ConnorBringas

Solve Your Back Tax Troubles

23rd November 2009
If you earned money in the calendar year, you have to file an income tax return. If you had enough withholding, you may not need to pay the IRS anything. However, if you owe, you need to pay as soon as you possibly can. Stalling tactics and delay doesn...
Author: Chintamani

Paying Overdue Taxes to the IRS

23rd November 2009
If you owe overdue taxes to the IRS you cannot ignore paying them. Interest, fines, and penalties accrue from April 16 until the full debt is resolved. If you owe, you need to pay as soon as you possibly can, even if it means you have to use credit card...
Author: Chintamani

Hardship Relief with Form 9465

17th August 2009
According to the IRS, if "Bob" can prove that he would face serious financial hardship by paying his taxes, or is unable to pay them right away, he can apply for a monthly installment plan. The IRS also says in form 9465 that under certain circumstances, ...
Author: Ian R L