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Accident claims

What to Do if You Have a Motor Vehicle Accident in New York Region

01st June 2011
According to a June 2009 report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the projected number of automobile accidents that resulted in fatalities declined in the first quarter 2009 as compared to the same period last year. Between Jan...
Author: Thomas

What To Do If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity

19th March 2010
What should you do if someone steals your identity? Unfortunately, you can't just put a "lojack" on your identity and have the police just go and pick it up. The bad news is that recovery from identity theft can take years and cost thousands of doll...
Author: gmanty
Criminal Law

Free Public Arrest Records For Tips and Recommendations

15th March 2010
Oklahoma Arrest Records contain information that we need for us to know how to deal with a certain individual. With such record, we will know about the past of a person and if there's a criminal record under his or her name. Likewise, it also tells us abo...
Author: Benjo Mars

Crime and Senior Citizens

27th October 2009
While crimes committed against senior citizens are not as common as crimes committed against young adults and teenagers, it is still considered a serious issue. For example, senior citizens tend to be victims of theft and repair scams by people who they d...

Hit and Run: Property Damage

07th June 2006
Hit and Run: Property Damage Hit and run is generally defined as a criminal act. Where the collision is with property only, such as another vehicle with no occupants, the driver must leave information attached to the damaged property, as well as make...
Author: Darren Kavinoky