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Hiding Divorce Assets: Protect Yourself

10th October 2011
Tricks to hide assets Divorce can make the most civilized people act in a most uncivilized manner. If a couple has money or property many couples will fight over these things. If a couple has kids they will many times fight over who has custody of the...
Author: John David Marcys

Franchise Agreement PDF, A Sample Document

14th June 2011
Each state has its very own laws governing franchise agreement contracts. The contents of a franchise agreement can range from state to state and business to small business. No matter whether you have a lawyer put together your franchise agreement or cons...
Author: Fredrick Blackwell

Divorce: Is your Spouse Hiding his Assets?

27th May 2010
Unfortunately divorce brings out the worst in people. Some spouses when they know that a marriage has come to an end will do anything to avoid having to pay their former loved one what they are entitled to from the marriage and to divide up the matrimonia...
Author: Legal-Zone

How to Choose the Right Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

22nd March 2010
Even though a good lawyer can be expected to handle the technicalities of our proceedings, your assistance is imperative to make things easier on all parties involved. You and your case are unique, and your attorney is there to handle the legal and techni...
Author: Erin Kirkland

Florida Structured Settlement Factoring Law

03rd September 2008
Florida does have a law which governs the sale and transfer of structured settlement payments. This law has many sections, all containing detailed information which outlines the process of gaining court approval for a structured settlement sale. Get to k...
Author: Robert Palmer