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Business Law

Why Diversification Is King in Investing

28th March 2011
My best stock market advice to you is to embrace the concept of investment diversification and the need to add small-cap stocks in an effort to increase the expected return of your portfolio. I would like to discuss the concept of asset allocation as ...
Author: profitconfidential
Real Estate Law


27th January 2011
Last month, I was invited to make a presentation to a local Rotary club about trends in real estate and the economy. This was no dog and pony show with an eternal happy face. On the contrary, I warned the audience early on that, if they get easily depre...
Author: John Hill

Internal Rate of Return: Understanding the Difference Between IRR, MIRR and FMRR

17th November 2010
Internal rate of return (IRR), modified internal rate of return (MIRR), and financial management rate of return (FMRR) are three returns used to measure the profitability of investment property. Each method arrives at a percentage rate based upon an initi...
Author: James Kobzeff

Tax Lien Investing: Can You Get Double Digit Returns Without Doing Any Work?

18th August 2010
Tax lien investing is a great way to save for the future; itís a very good alternative to investing in mutual funds. With tax liens, you donít have to worry about the volatility in the market. The stock market or real estate market can go up or down, but ...
Author: Tax Lien Lady

How to Avoid Paying Unnecessary Taxes on CDs and Bonds

13th April 2010
CDs and bonds are generally seen as some of the most secure types of investments. Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are offered by banking institutions. They offer a set rate of return for an investment over a specific period of time. One of the disadvantage...
Author: Robert Bell
Estate Planning

GRATS, Sales to Grantor Trusts, or Private Annuities: Which One is Best?

25th March 2010
This article will compare three popular wealth transfer techniques that all produce potential estate tax savings by removing future appreciation from the transferor's estate, but without generating significant taxable gifts. Because these techniques produ...
Author: Julius Giarmarco, Esq.