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Personal Injury

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

14th April 2010
Some people wonder if there is anything they can do if they are injured because of someone else's negligence. If you are the victim of an injury that was caused by the careless or intentional act of a company or person, of if you used a product that was ...
Author: Wendy Moyer
Personal Injury

Work Place Accidents

21st January 2010
Though it may be undisputed that employers do their best to ensure that our work environments are the safest they could possibly be, occupational injuries still remain an all too common occurrence, and are perhaps an inevitable part of our working lives. ...
Author: Jeanie Weedman

Repetitive Strain Injuries Caused by Office Work

05th January 2010
Many people think that back pain, stiff neck, and discomfort in any part of their body is a common condition that do not require any medical attention since the pain will go away after a few minutes of rest. However, this seemingly common body discomfort ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Slipping Or Tripping In A Supermarket

11th December 2009
If you suffered an accident in the supermarket through no fault of your own you may be entitled to claim for compensation. You may have slipped on juice in Tesco or Asda. Whichever way it happened, as the accident was not your fault you have a right to ma...
Author: David Ravech

Common workplace accidents and what to do if you’ve suffered from one

05th June 2009
The average worker spends more time at work than they do with their own families. Millions of workers spend thousands of hours in the workplace every year in Australia, so it's inevitable that accidents will occur. Workplace injuries are often minor and r...
Author: Sharron Ruston