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Business Law

Health & Safety UK Tiger Supplies Health & Safety Special Edition.

16th August 2011
Our proven first aid products are selected from the highest quality manufacturers throughout the world and bring the latest medical technology right into one of the most dangerous working environments known today. Our range of HSE approved first aid k...
Author: Thames Jones

Claiming Compensation for a Hip Injury

23rd November 2010
Though the hip is one of the most robust parts of the body, due to its ball and socket structure, any injury in this area will invariably be extremely painful, restrictive and may result in long-term complications. Over a quarter of a million hip injuries...
Author: Ansel Perry
Personal Injury

What are Chemical Injury Claims? Bakersfield

31st August 2010
A chemical injury claim is a claim for compensation made by, or on behalf of, a person injured as a result of contact with corrosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances. Claims such as these are called 'personal injury claims' and are usually handled...
Author: Tikee Pittman
Personal Injury

Accidents At Work: What Everyone Ought To Know About Work Accident Duties

02nd February 2010
Every year, there are over 36 million working days lost because of accidents at work and work-related ill health, according to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. There are also around 350 deaths every year due to accidents at work, 1,000 d...
Author: Jessica Parker

There is No Such Thing as an Accident

12th November 2009
There was a saying that 'there was no such thing as an accident'. Of course to some people this might seem a little bit unfair, because so many of us have had an accident of some sort. Basically the crux of this statement is that in most cases, an acciden...
Author: Robert Palmer