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Constructive Dismissal: Understand Essential Facts

21st November 2011
Among the many important facets of Employment Policies is Constructive Dismissal. Another label for Constructive Dismissal is Constructive Discharge. This kind of Termination happens in a situation in which the laborer gives up his particular career in th...
Author: anshuldayal
Accident claims

Why Accident Lawyers Are Important

18th May 2011
Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. However, if the damage the victim acquired was brought upon by another individual’s negligence, this is where the law intervenes. The catch is, there are some people who refuse to pay for what they...
Author: stephenschaunt
Accident claims

New York Construction Accident Attorney – Five Reasons You Can Do Without Them

23rd March 2010
What is the value of a construction worker's life in new York? Ask the construction company and they will give you a reply that would leave any laborer flattered and feeling more loyal to the company. But seek f or an answer when a construction worker is ...
Author: Ima Johnson
Accident claims

Construction Accident Lawyers New York

09th March 2010
It is not uncommon for construction workers to have accidents and this happens at all times during their tenure of work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has clearly done a research and says that about more 400,000 accidents are reported at various work pla...
Author: Ima Johnson