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Business Law

Business financing solution thatís perfect for you

26th September 2011
Starting your own business isnít an easy task, especially when you need more than a couple of hundreds of dollars for the initial investment. And while keeping your job until your business starts to produce a consistent income stream is a sound advice, so...
Author: Bernie Lemieux

Protecting Investments From Capital Gains Tax

07th January 2011
The IRS capital gains tax is a way for the government to profit from the wealth of Americans to increase their tax collections.Investment bonds allow you to assign parts of them to others who have a lower tax rate than you. For example if a segment of you...
Author: Stacy Wallace
Estate Planning

GRATS, Sales to Grantor Trusts, or Private Annuities: Which One is Best?

25th March 2010
This article will compare three popular wealth transfer techniques that all produce potential estate tax savings by removing future appreciation from the transferor's estate, but without generating significant taxable gifts. Because these techniques produ...
Author: Julius Giarmarco, Esq.