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Family Law

Finding the Best Attorney for Fathers Rights

22nd June 2011
If you are looking for the best Attorney for Father’s rights, it is important that you consider a few factors when choosing your divorce attorney. Not all divorce attorneys’s have the same approach and some may have less expertise in dealing with the issu...
Author: Nina Vucetic

Divorce Lawyer: Dealing With Contested Divorce

10th June 2011
four.) Request irrespective of whether the attorney you are talking with will be accountable for negotiating the terms of the divorce or if a further lawyer in the firm will be accountable. It is often superior to know who will be representing you and oft...
Author: Ross Bentley

Is a Divorce Speedy If It Is Uncontested?

10th June 2011
Divorce can be a seeking time for a lot of men and women whether or not splitting up just after a lot of, lots of many years collectively or splitting up after only a handful of years. For numerous, just receiving the approach above with is a priority. Th...
Author: Angelo House

Where To Get Ceartain Copy Of Divorce Records

07th March 2011
Currently, the number of california divorce recordss at various state repositories is continuously increasing. This means that a lot of married couples had already decided to end their marriage for various reasons. Sadly, only a few couples are willing t...
Author: Ben Dave

How does Legal Separation differ from Divorce?

09th February 2011
Legal separation is where a married couple legally separate without getting divorced. During this legal process decisions regarding children (such as custody, visitation rights and maintenance payments) and financial issues (such as debt, mortgages and as...
Author: amnorge

Unamarried Child Custody-Child Custody and Unmarried Parents

20th January 2011
Child custody problems for unmarried couples are every bit as complicated for unmarried couples as it is for married couples who decide to divorce. There are entirely new and different issues in unmarried child custody cases. The primary question is w...
Author: Terry Legal

Divorce Is A Dirty Word To Some

05th January 2011
Whenever there is a rift in a family, there will certainly be a need for an expert to come in and sort out the mess. When things go too far, and the family looks like it may have to split apart, then the divorce courts is where the whole show usually ends...
Author: Stewart Wrighter

The Children Of Divorce Need Protection By A Good Legal Team

15th July 2010
Divorce and the issues associated with it is an emotional and stressful situation for all parties involved. The children of a divorcing couple are perhaps the most affected by the proceedings. The upheaval in their family life and structure can cause many...
Author: Nick Messe
Family Law

Grandparent Rights in Michigan

23rd June 2010
A Brief History The United States Supreme Court has held that parents have a fundamental constitutional right to raise their children. The court reaffirmed this in the case of Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57; 120 S Ct 2054; 147 L Ed 2d 49 (2000). In tha...
Author: LJB Law Office

Mediation Tampa - Essential Divorce Mediation Services

15th June 2010
Divorce is not the only option in case of problems in your marriage. Sometimes the resolution of your wedding is the only option. However, if there is a possibility, even if the Council, it could look at other ways of a divorce, take a break at work the...
Author: timothydiv

What is Involved in a Divorce

25th May 2010
The decision to file for divorce can be a difficult one. Most people believe that their marriages are solid but the sad truth is that many couples do get divorced. Every state has different laws to deal with divorce, so it is important for the individua...
Author: Content Creative Services
Family Law

Seeking Assistance from Spouse and children Lawyers

16th April 2010
What could be the job description of the spouse and children lawyer, and why need to you employ 1? Family members lawyers are adept with troubles pertaining to household law. You can find some loved ones lawyers which might be also authorities in other le...
Author: Duncan
Family Law

Fathers' Rights in Child Custody Cases

13th April 2010
In divorce, one of the biggest concerns for many fathers is their child custody rights. An attorney is the best resource for specific information regarding family law issues such as child support and custody, but there are some general rules that apply to...
Author: Justin
Family Law

The Reasons for a Child Custody Attorney in California

09th April 2010
There are different types of custody plans used in the state and parents will have to decide which is the best fit for both parties. Legal help is often very helpful in these situations with so many new terms and procedures causing confusion for either pa...
Author: Justin

Rhode Island Child Custody Lawyer Article: Legal Custody & Physical Custody In RI

16th March 2010
The Rhode Island Family Court judge utilizes the "best interest of the child" standard in Rhode Island Child Custody and Child Visitation cases. The Factors a Family Court Judge should use in making a "best interest of the child" determination are set for...
Author: David Slepkow, Rhode Island Lawyer
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