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04th November 2011
GST is a destination based consumption tax. Consumption taxes are regressive in nature. It increases the gap between the rich and the poor. The pertinent point is whether such tax would be fruitful for the economy as a whole or not? Is it not so that shif...
Author: lawcruxadvisors
Immigration Law

Tips on How to Migrate to Canada From Dubai

01st March 2011
How to Migrate from Canada to Dubai is a very large topic. Many of Dubai's residents consider Canada to be an attractive place to live because of the fact that Canada has a fairly accepting culture and a good standard of living. However, a person who w...
Author: Canadian Immigration

How To Survive After The Divorce

27th October 2009
Regardless of the countless differences in human being, there is one thing that binds all of us together and makes us equal. And that is the need to be honored. The requirement to be loved ultimately translates to the requirement for friendship. It is thi...
Author: Ras Reed