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The Seriousness Of Recurring DUI Offenses In California

06th February 2012
Like most other states in the United States of America, California has begun to adopt a firm stance when it comes to repeat DUI offenders. If you have found yourself being charged with DUI for a second or third time in California, hiring a competent DUI a...
Author: Autumn

Struggling to Achieve Financial Freedom? Why and A way to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

18th November 2011
Does one blame others; feel embarrassed, guilt or shame for not achieving monetary freedom? Do you concern that it can never happen? The matter lies not with the opposite person or true however with limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you ba...
Author: Amie Erickson

An Early Phase of the Divorce Steps: Helping the Parties Reach an Agreement

14th June 2011
There are several different divorce steps that you will undergo when you file for divorce, but the most important one is likely to be the ability of you and your spouse to reach an agreement before you divorce goes into court. Your willingness to work tog...
Author: Christy

Causes of Divorce in India

21st March 2011
Divorce has become out of control in the past few years. Even in well established family, divorce in most common and it is mainly due to lack of adjustment and ego clashes. It happens in couples where both the males and females are working. There are ego ...
Author: Vikas Gupta
Business Law

Leaders should pay more attention to several extra features according to one keynote speaker

10th March 2011
It might be difficult to articulate a precise definition of what business leadership is, but when you ask pundits to come up with a list of desirable features every great leader exhibits, they usually have no problem to produce a couple. For example, they...
Author: Torri Myler
Immigration Law

Immigration to New Zealand - The Safest and Friendliest Places to Live

05th January 2011
New Zealand is world renowned as one of the safest and friendliest places to live, as well as for having one of the most unique and beautiful environments, with a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from. As one of the most popular tourist destinatio...
Author: Riki Clark

Stop Divorce with Finest Ways to Preserve the Relationship

08th January 2010
As long as either one of you preserves the willingness, there are various ways to stop a divorce. That is probably the best thing to save marriage and to keep the family intact. Indeed, divorce would never happen if at least one of the couple is looking f...
Author: Laura Tran
Copyright & Trademark

How to Patent Your Idea or Invention

08th December 2009
If you have a great, original idea that you believe people would pay for - a process, a product, an invention, a new use for an old device - then you need to take steps to protect it. The road from inspiration to patented invention is simple to explain, a...
Author: Robert Bell
Business Law

Employee Management :Ideas, tips & Different Strategies

28th April 2009
As said by Charles Kettering "There is a great difference between knowing and understanding". The same holds true for people and in business. Understanding in business involves the proper management of your employees to accomplish goals. Tips: First, ...
Author: angela