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Criminal Law

Things You Need To Know About An Attorney

31st March 2011
An attorney is a person who holds an educational degree on the field of law. He possesses a valid license to practice law by taking up cases of individuals who have been accused of some legal charge or the other. An attorney may be practicing on his ow...
Author: Aliceshown

How to File forDivorce in San Diego

13th October 2010
To file for a divorce or dissolution of marriage in San Diego, California you need to know the steps you should take and your spouse must meet certain requirements. You must be a resident of California for at least six months and a resident of San Dieg...
Author: Joseph Carter

Share or stock transfer form

23rd April 2010
Introduction As part of the 2008 budget changes, stamp duty for stocks and shares that were previously chargeable with £5 duty, whether fixed or ad valorem, are exempt from stamp duty from 13th March 2008. Before March 2008, certain transfers of shar...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Living Trusts for Estate Planning

05th November 2009
If you decide to use Living Trusts in your estate plan, your estate will likely avoid the expense and delay of probate, and your privacy will not be impaired by public records of your estate assets or beneficiaries. However, there are several countervaili...
Author: Steven R. Bennett

Rhode Island RI Common Law Marriage - "Fact Or Fiction"

21st April 2007
Fiction- If I live together with my boyfriend for over seven years then we are automatically common law married. This is a huge urban myth that is completely and totally false! In fact, a couple could live together for 35 years in Rhode Island and stil...
Author: David Slepkow, Rhode Island Lawyer