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Bankruptcy Law

How Filing Bankruptcy Can Help You

17th May 2011
If you are struggling financially, it might seem like there is no end in sight to your trouble. With a never-ending barrage of bills, late notices and harassing calls from creditors, you might feel as if your world is caving in. A lot of people choose to ...
Author: Stewart Wrighter
Immigration Law

New Bill in Congress to Replace the DV Lottery with a New Employment-Based Green Card Category

23rd February 2011
The new House Oversight Committee Chair, Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), has introduced bill H.R. 43 on January 5, 2011 that proposes to replace the Green Card or DV Lottery with a new Employment-Based Green Card category. In the past, opponents of the lottery s...
Author: yzriel
Real Estate Law

Demand after stamp duty break

11th May 2010
It has been revealed that mortgage lenders and estate agents have reported a rise in demand from prospective first-time buyers, after the government's announcement of a two-year stamp duty holiday for them. The Easter holiday period is commonly the bus...
Author: Davinder