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Where To Find Arrest Records In New York Online

01st November 2012
New York State provides the general public with vast opportunities that they can get to make their desires become reality. Running a business in the Empire State requires great belief and courage for your ventured industry. You need some workers to make t...
Author: Gian Maclure
Immigration Law

K3 Marriage Visas: Consequences of

30th March 2010
The following article briefly discusses recent changes to the processing procedures associated with the K3 visa and how this may impact the venue of a foreign spouse's visa interview.In previous articles this author has written about the current status of...
Author: US Visa Lawyer

Understanding Annulment Forms

06th January 2010
What are Annulment Forms? It is a legal document that when granted to declare the marriage annulled and void. A kind of document that will consider marriage has never took place. The petitioner must prove that the respondent has never been engaged his lif...
Author: James Kahn