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Why does India have such a low Divorce rate?

17th December 2009
Divorce in India is extremely low compared to the United States. In America around half of marriages end in divorce, but in India it is a mere one per cent. It is so low that many have the idea that it is illegal. This is not the case but there are many r...
Author: amnorge

How To Stop A Divorce When Trust Is Broken In A Marriage

12th October 2009
Many people try to look for ways to stop a divorce, but it is not an easy task. There are many ways to save a marriage, but not all will be the right ones that will work for you. You should be very careful when the main cause of the divorce is because the...
Author: Erica Connella

Arizona divorce law may punish adulterers again

07th June 2009
PHEONIX -- Last week, the media reported that conservative state lawmakers in West Virginia were pushing new legislation to deny spousal support to divorcing spouses who'd committed infidelity. Now, Arizona Family Law has jumped on the bandwagon too. Rep...
Author: Josh D. Simon
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