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Criminal Law

Back to School: Suspensions & Expulsions

11th January 2011
Last September, I defended a young client (whom I was defending on related criminal matters) at an expulsion hearing before a board of education. The pupil's principal, in accordance with theEducation Act (the "Act"), had conducted an investigation into a...
Author: gaurav
Immigration Law

How Do You Avail Relief from Deportation Proceedings

22nd June 2010
What if a non-US citizen or an alien is being expelled from the US under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)? The process is traumatic for those who are already going through the phase. The removal proceedings include several complicated steps right ...
Author: Daniel Smith
Business Law

How to Deal with Breach of Partnership Agreements

10th August 2009
Not all business partnerships pan out the way the partners (owners) hoped it would. Partnerships are actually a lot like marriage and sometimes marriages just do not work out.Naturally, there are conflicts and disputes that arise that have to be dealt wit...
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Breach of Partnership and Its Legal Consequences

05th August 2009
Sometimes a dispute between two business partners can happen especially when one of them has violated a certain agreement. In this situation, a business should be dissolved to expel a partner, unless that the terms and conditions in expulsion is included ...
Author: Mesriani Law Group